merge 2 awstats files

Hi GoodOmens

Did you got your answer for the Question .please help me now i have the same problem.I had 2 data files for the same month… | Read the rest of

Customizing WHMCS Theme


I am looking to buy a WHMCS Theme.
Wondering if anyone could shed some light on how customizations are done.
Want to change the l… | Read the rest of

Do you get sales from PPC?

Just wondering if anyone here is getting any sales using PPC (Adwords) nowadays despite the high competition and cost?
If yes, what’s your … | Read the rest of

What type of logo would fit?

Hey, i’m wanting a little advice on a logo for my new site.
I am wanting the letters ‘RTEZ’ to be shown, but not sure about much else.

M… | Read the rest of

A bit of css help

Hi all,

I’m looking to find the best way of getting a footer area correct.

For example, I have a fixed width page of 960px. The footer… | Read the rest of

Softaculous CMS / Portals

I am starting from scratch to develop a travel website / portal and Softaculous offers a bewiildering range of CMS/Portal options, most of w… | Read the rest of