Affiliate Marketing

Hey guys,

I have been thinking about using affiliate marketing to try to bring in sales as a new company. As of now, we are targeting ou… | Read the rest of

Contact form

Can anyone recommend a safe and secure contact form and script for me to use?

Preferably one with a captcha or other anti-spam option.

… | Read the rest of

Has anyone used Abscripts?

I’m looking for a good script/someone to hire to web develop a classified site. Any advice would be great!… | Read the rest of

Landing page

What is a landing page? Is it different from website?… | Read the rest of


I came across motocms the other day. I’m fairly new at web design, I’ve tried wp, id like something simpler. what do you think?… | Read the rest of

Embed video on web page help.


I’m trying to embed 2 YouTube videos on a webpage but they will not show. I’ve done it a hundred times on other sites, but on … | Read the rest of